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Clever Neighbor

Always A Great Day At Krainick Dairy Farm!

For the past 22 years Leann and Mike Krainick along with their team of 28+ have been providing high quality, reasonably priced local food and dairy for over 22 years. Krainick Dairy farm was established in 1912, Mike is the 3rd generation farm owner. Get this, Krainick Dairy combined economic impact within 20 miles is about 4MILLION a year! What Makes Krainick Dairy Different? “Krainick Dairy is local and the reputation for quality and food safety is paramount. We operate…

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Local Heroes

The Calm Before the Storm, Perfect Storm Painting

Striving for perfection in Tacoma, WA, find your Professional Painter in Tacoma For the past 10 years Larry Ulery, a Professional Painter Tacoma, has been gaining the needed knowledge to become a perfectionist in his trade. Now, years into…

Local Heroes

Professional Steel Tacoma, WA

Kindness, Compassion, and Gratitude | It’s what we work by For the past 4 months Jason Parnell and his Steeler Inc, Professional Steel Tacoma team of 3 have been turning a 50 year business around. Houses, apartments, even daily…