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Best Restaurants in Tacoma

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8 Iconic Movies Filmed in Tacoma

South Sound Cinema

Are you a film buff living in Tacoma? Whether you enjoy watching the latest flicks at a local South Sound movie theater or classic movies at home, you might be curious to learn how many movies were filmed in and around Tacoma. When you’re not busy enjoying all the fabulous outdoor activities Tacoma has to offer, check out one of these iconic movies that were filmed in the area. 1. 10 Things I Hate About You Perhaps the most iconic movie filmed in…

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Breakfast in Tacoma
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10 Best Places to Grab Breakfast in Tacoma

Tacoma is on the rise as a top destination in the Northwest. Over 3.2 million people visited the “City of Destiny” last year. That number is projected to grow. If you plan on visiting Tacoma sometime soon, you’ll want…

Tacoma Farmers Market
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5 Reasons to Visit a Tacoma Farmers Market

If you live in Tacoma and you haven’t yet visited a Tacoma farmers market, you’ve been missing out. Why Visit a Tacoma Farmers Market? Farmers markets are becoming more and more popular. Consumers can choose from a wide range…

Tacoma Restaurants
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The best of Tacoma restaurants

Tacoma Restaurants You Need To Visit If you’re in the Tacoma area, you should enjoy some of the great food that Tacoma has to offer. Here is a list of Tacoma Restaurants you need to visit. Has date night…