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Where You Need to Go During Tacoma Restaurant Week

tacoma restaurant week

If you’re thinking of heading to Tacoma Restaurant Week this October, you may not know where to start. But we’re here to help!

Here are some great restaurants to check out during Tacoma Restaurant Week. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed by any of these eateries.

Let’s dive in!


If you’re after a menu boasting delectable pan-Asian fusion dishes, then Indochine is the place to be.

It never disappoints – you’re always guaranteed a good meal here!

The atmosphere exudes elegance, and the staff provide excellent customer service. Some favorite picks from their menu include:

  • A starter of pulled-pork empanadas
  • A main of garlic prawns
  • A slice of coconut cake for dessert

Indochine is ideal if for enjoying a romantic meal with your better half!

Boathouse 19

Boathouse 19 is the perfect place to eat after spending time at Titlow Beach Park.

The fresh Strawberry Salad starter is always a favorite, as is the Blackened Rockfish; they’re both utterly divine!

Round off your meal with a decadent Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse. It’s the perfect dessert for chocoholics, and sweettooths alike!

The best way to describe this restaurant’s vibe is casual, yet comfortable and affordable, yet high-quality. So, it really ticks all the boxes!

Plus, you can enjoy the views of Narrows Bridge and the snow-capped Olympic Mountains as you savor a delicious meal – what could be better?

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If you love seafood, Wildfin is a great spot to visit. Not only do they offer amazing food, but they are located in the heart of Point Ruston, one of best up and coming spots in the Tacoma area. Wildfin’s calamari starter is delicious, and their Parmesan Sole is legendary!

Here you can enjoy a plethora of fresh fish, shellfish, and Northwestern meats. When coupled with a glass of some of the best wine and/or beer this region has to offer, you’re bound to be in for a culinary treat!

Or, if a classic cocktail is more your style, peruse through their delicious menu and sample some of their sweet tasting drinks.

Come inside and marvel at the breathtaking views of Point Defiance, Vashon Island, Commencement Bay, and Mt. Rainier while enjoying a sit-down meal.

Alternatively, you can take away a tasty Fish Taco or a portion of traditional fish and chips from the Fish Bar.

Whatever you opt for, you’ll be in for a delicious dinner!

El Gaucho

Perhaps steak is more your thing? If so, El Gaucho is a high-quality steak restaurant with tons of mouthwatering options for you to chose from.

It features 28-Day Dry-Aged Niman Ranch and Custom-Aged Angus Beef on the menu – you may have never had a steak this tasty before!

This is one of the best places for steak-lovers to congregate in the South Sound. Don’t forget to order some incredible Lobster Medallions with your steak, if you want to take your dinner up a notch.

Both steaks and chops are cooked on a uniquely designed charcoal grill, which you’ll see from their open style kitchen.

They also offer a fabulous wine list and cocktail menu to complement your delicious meal.

The atmosphere in El Gaucho is wonderful. Despite its simple exterior, it really packs a punch. A grand staircase welcomes diners into a restaurant lit by glittering candlelight, setting the tone for a romantic evening.

Enjoy your food while listing to classic songs played on the piano; this place truly has everything you need to enjoy an awesome dining experience!

Bar Bistro

If you’re a fan of New American Cuisine, you won’t be disappointed with what Bar Bistro has to offer. You’ll see all the Northwestern favorites on their menu ready for you to sample!

The food is out of this world, and customer service is excellent.

Be sure to order a beautiful craft cocktail to round off this fabulous culinary experience.

Duke’s Seafood & Chowder

Perched on the piers of Commencement bay, Duke’s Seafood & Chowder offers lovely views from your table. Duke’s is also a stones throw away from a lovely paved path along Ruston Way, which is the perfect way to work up an appetite, or lose some calories.

If you want to try tasty dishes boasting unique combinations, then this is the place to dine. If you’re an adventurous foodie, looking to taste something new, this eclectic menu won’t let you down!

Each dish is lovingly prepared. Hours are spent crafting each particular recipe so that each item is entirely unique. This only adds to the charm of the restaurant.

Plus, if you want a cozy atmosphere to relax and unwind with your loved ones, this eatery is the ideal.

Melting Pot

Sitting in picturesque Downtown Tacoma, just steps away from El Gaucho is a unique dining experience for friends and family.

If you enjoy a more interactive dining experience, you’ll love a meal at the Melting Pot. This gourmet fondue restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a meal after a fun day exploring the Museums of downtown Tacoma.

You can relish several savory kinds of cheese prepared at your table side, crisp, fresh salads adorned with delicious homemade dressings, tender meats, and scrumptious seafood.

Plus, the creamy chocolate fondue dessert is to die for! Accompanied by plenty of delicious sides to dunk, there’s no better way to round off an incredible meal.

Be sure to order a specialty cocktail, craft beer, or a glass of vino to complement your tasty food.

Know Where You Want to Go This Tacoma Restaurant Week?

If you liked the sound of Tacoma restaurant week, we’re confident you’ll love our Tacoma blog.

Over there we discuss everything about how to make the most out of your time in Tacoma.

If you want to keep up to date with all the latest events and info on the local area, be sure to join us. We’d love to have you on board!

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8 Awesome Reasons to Visit the Tacoma Public Library

tacoma public library

If you are visiting Tacoma, Washington, you should make a point of visiting Tacoma Public Library.

The city’s library is an example of cultural stewardship. With hundreds of historical and artistic exhibits throughout its branches, you’ll be able to get acquainted with Tacoma quickly.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about why it’s such a good idea to visit the library!

1. Living History

The central branch of the Tacoma library system is a beautiful Carnegie library. These buildings were constructed in the early 1900s by the philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

There were 43 of these beautiful historical landmarks in the state of Washington. Of those 43, 32 still stand. Only 14 are still used for their original purpose though. Many were built between 1901 and 1916. The Tacoma branch was built in 1903.

This glimpse of history is a great introduction to Tacoma. Be sure to visit the Northwest Room so you can witness some of Tacoma’s history for yourself.

2. Activities for Kids

The Tacoma library has hundreds of things to do for families with children of all ages.

Throughout the week many of the branches will have read-alongs for toddlers and preschool aged children. There are pet rock craft and storytime hours, where kids can put their creative skills to use. Pet rocks are adorable little creatures that a child can then build a story around.

For older children, consider joining a Pokemon league. There are also several tabletop and Dungeons and Dragons teams to play with where kids can practice their role-playing skills.

Be sure to check out the summer reading clubs that happen throughout the season. The summer reading club will have programs for all ages-including adults.

All books count-including eBooks. Which makes it especially handy for families who may be ardent readers. Ask a Tacoma librarian for help when you want to sign up! It’ll be a great family event.

3. Cultural Activities

Libraries are a huge cultural resource. Tacoma’s library system is much the same. With activities like Korean calligraphy, a history walk through and community discussions on what Tacoma’s role may be in the greater world, there are many things to learn and do at the library.

4. So Many eBooks to Read

Electronic resources are fast becoming the norm for many libraries. eBooks are one of the ways you can check out books at any of the Tacoma branches. eBooks are convenient and can be read on most electronic readers.

If you are interested in trying out an eBook exchange, be sure to contact your librarian. They will make sure you are signed up with the right Tacoma branch account and that your eBook reader is capable of supporting the exchange program.

eBooks can be held for a number of days, depending on their publication date-much like physical copies.

Tacoma’s librarians will be able to suggest many types of books that will fascinate any number of reader. If you’re curious to try an eBook, be sure to ask for some suggestions! Tacoma is sure to find the right book for you.

5. Community Involvement

Libraries all over the world pride themselves on being stewards of their communities. Tacoma Library system is much the same. With hundreds of events that happen throughout the month, there are so many ways for the community to learn about their history and how to become more involved.

Tacoma Library offers free museum passes for five local museums in Tacoma. As long as you have a library card you’ll be able to visit the museums scattered throughout the city!

This is a great resource for families who have just arrived to the city. Or even for longtime residents who want to see a bit more of their home.

The main branch of the library even has an art gallery that features local artists. The Handforth Gallery can be visited by anyone. Check it out sometime and keep an eye out for new exhibitions or presentations done by local residents.

6. Convert Your Old Home Videos to DVD

With the rise of the digital age, some of our old analogue memories have become lost. But the library offers several services that can help you make sure your old childhood memories aren’t lost forever.

Converting VHS tapes to DVD is one of these services. The library offers appointments throughout the week at various times where members can bring their old tapes and can be taught how to convert them over to a more lasting media.

Be sure to contact the librarians at the Moore branch for more information. Soon you’ll be able to blackmail your younger siblings once more with the old videos they thought were hopefully lost forever!

7. Eight Branches to Visit

There are eight branches to visit. They are scattered throughout Tacoma. This is a convenient feature of the Tacoma Library. It guarantees any resident will be able to easily access the services the library has to offer.

Be sure to check the library’s addresses before planning a visit. You may find a branch closer to you.

8. Request a Visit

Before planning a visit, maybe consider an official tour. You will be walked through the process of becoming a member of the library system. You’ll also learn all about the services the library offers.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff will get you signed up for a library card and help you choose the first activities you want to take part in. Be sure to ask them about the museums you can visit for free when you get your card.

Tacoma Public Library Brings Light to Tacoma

Tacoma Public Library offers hundreds of services and activities you and your family are sure to enjoy.

When visiting make sure you discuss with the librarians just what you are looking for. They’ll help you find what you need and get you signed up for all of the activities you may want to take part in!

There’s so many things you can do with a library card. And Tacoma Public Library will make sure you use that card to the fullest of its abilities.

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5 Reasons to Visit a Tacoma Farmers Market

Tacoma Farmers Market

If you live in Tacoma and you haven’t yet visited a Tacoma farmers market, you’ve been missing out.

Why Visit a Tacoma Farmers Market?

Farmers markets are becoming more and more popular. Consumers can choose from a wide range of fresh food and vegetables, most of it coming straight from the farm.

Sure, you can easily head to your local supermarket and grab a few things whenever you’re low on groceries. But it makes more sense to plan a visit to a Tacoma farmers market each week. Here’s why:

1. Healthy Food

When you have healthy food within easy reach at home, you’re less likely to make a bad decision and grab junk or fast food. When you shop at a local farmers market, you’ll have a huge choice of fresh, healthy food for you and your family.

Have you ever bought produce from a supermarket, only to get home and realize it’s rotten? If so, you need to do your shopping at a Tacoma farmers market instead.

Vendors at these markets actually care about the produce they’re selling. They’re often the same people who planted the seeds and pulled the produce from the ground.

2. Community Relationships

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget to support and be involved in our local community.

When you visit a Tacoma farmers market, you’ll be meeting locals from your community. You may make new friends, and you’ll be more invested in supporting the local farmers- since you’re personally involved.

It’s hard to know where a lot of our food comes from. By building a relationship with the local farmers, you can ask them questions about:

How the food is produced
How you should cook it
What new foods you should try
What to expect next season
When you build up a direct relationship with local farmers, they’re more likely to take your thoughts and opinions on board. Would you love to see a new type of pumpkin introduced? Or maybe you love a particular kind of tomato? It’s easier to let the farmers know your preferences if you’ve been buying from them every week.

Farmers markets are popular with people from all different walks of life. You’ll be mingling with a wide range of people- all of them aiming to buy healthy, safe, delicious, and fresh food.

3. Huge Savings

Did you know that the average American will spend $1200 on fast food in just one year? By visiting a Tacoma farmers market, you’ll have healthy alternatives on hand. That means that you can cook up a quick, cheap meal without resorting to McDonald’s.

The difference between the prices of food at your local grocery store and a Tacoma farmers market will vary depending on a number of factors. These include:

Thee types of food available
Whether it has been a good season for growing
And more
But on average, expect to save at least 17% each year by shopping at a farmers market.

If you’re aiming to save money on your grocery bill, here are some ways to save money at your local farmers market:

Compare prices between different booths.
Make a list of what you’re looking for (but be prepared for substitutions).
Consider negotiating. Be respectful, but ask your vendors if they’re willing to throw in a few extra grapes or round down to the nearest dollar. This works best if you buy multiple items from one vendor or have built up a relationship over time.
Bring small change. This can help you bargain since many vendors will run short of smaller change like quarters and dollars.
Go in bad weather. On days when it’s raining or super hot, many people will avoid going to the Tacoma farmers market. If you’re looking for a bargain, go on the days when other people are less likely to be there.
Go just before closing. Most vendors are going to be more inclined to discount remaining food as the market comes to an end. If you visit just before the market wraps up, you can often get your weekly fruit and vegetables for a steal.

4. Supporting the Local Economy

Who run the world? Large corporations.

By buying from small, community businesses, you’re boosting your local economy. This is ideal if you’re trying to avoid putting your money in the pockets of massive global companies.

While a farmer’s family business may not have a physical store, most of these farmers reinvest their money back into the community. Local farmers are shopping at local stores. They’re also donating to school fundraisers and buying meals from local restaurants.

Buying from a Tacoma farmers market will help these families keep their land during tough economic times. It also allows that money to come full circle, as it’s usually spent in your local community.

5. Saving the Environment

Smaller local farms produce much less environmental waste compared to commercial farms. This includes chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and carbon monoxide. They’re also less likely to use huge sorting and processing machines.

Your local supermarket probably receives produce from other states or countries. These could be hundreds or thousands of miles away. Transporting this food is a significant use of fossil fuels which are used for rail cars and refrigerated trucks.

When you shop at a Tacoma farmers market, the food doesn’t have far to go when it’s transported from the farm to the market, and to your table. Farmers markets are usually held outside. They don’t require heating or electricity, which also helps save precious resources.

If you care about the earth, shopping at a farmers market is a great way to do your part and help save the environment.

Shopping at a Tacoma farmers market can also be a great teaching moment for your kids. You can explain the benefits of shopping local and the environmental implications while enjoying fresh local produce.

Planning to grab lunch after visiting the farmers market? Check out some of the great local restaurants in Tacoma.

Love shopping at your local farmers market? Leave a comment below and let us know which Tacoma farmers market you like the most.

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Tacoma Frame Makers Gets Your Art on the Wall

Tacoma Frame Makers

Tacoma Frames it Just Right

Tacoma Frame Makers

Tacoma Frame Makers is a hidden gem. Stacia Harvey, Owner and Head Designer has a passion for creating truly unique pieces. She gives memorabilia new life with her amazing touch. This Frame shop is open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 7pm, walk-ins are of course welcome. Tacoma Frame Makers is absolutely the place to have any custom framing done. What are you going to do with your wedding dress? Kid’s art collection getting out of hand? Seahawks Memorabilia taking over, and not in a good way? Go see Tacoma Frame Makers. They make custom easy. 

All Frame Shops Are Not Created Equal

Tacoma Frame Makers

Stacia has been a professional framer for over 25 years. She took over Tacoma Frame Makers a couple years ago and never looked back. The Local Frame Shop has been in business over 40 years and had been through five owners before Stacia took over. Since then the shop has been busy with new customers and many projects. Tacoma Frame Markers is truly a remarkable framing specialist and can cut frames for any piece, any size, any style.

Previous to her own shop, Stacia was the Manager of a big name Frame Store. She has experience in all parts of the framing industry which is why she has perfected her craft and stepped out on her own. Without a doubt Tacoma Frame Makers always crafts beautiful pieces. Not to mention, they don’t kill your bank account unlike the big name box stores. Stacia keeps the shop family owned, she works alongside her husband and has a couple other local framers she employes. Stacia told me that keeping Tacoma Frame Makers a close knit group ensures quality and allows her to understand and make connections with her customers. 


I Need More Wall Space!

Tacoma Frame Makers

I was stunned with Stacias amazing work. First piece piece Stacia and I collaborated on was the MC Hammer Memorabilia Piece. Tacoma Frame Makers left their mark in the Center with a Gold MC crafted by Stacia. MC Hammer Tweeted in the Spring of 2016, that pieces in his own home weren’t even that amazing. Stacia has also crafted Melissa Etheridge Rock Memorabilia Pieces, Tacoma’s own HOPE 253 Memorabilia, fan memorabilia for the U.S. Open, and many more. She is able to take a hodgepodge collection of photos, our near and dear fan memorabilia, and design elegant, fun, unique art.


A Simple Way to Start Spring Cleaning 

As Spring cleaning starts to creep up on us, collect your memorabilia, or the Jersey you always wanted to hang, or your wedding dress that you literally do nothing with and go see Stacia. Tacoma Frame Makers is just down the street. They can take those items that you haven’t been exactly sure what to do with, and make them into something dynamic and special. Go to her website, and definitely stop by the store. Tell her Becca from Clever Neighbor sent you.

Tacoma Frame Makers
3011 6TH AVE
TACOMA, WA 98406
ph: (253) 564-2320

Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 7pm

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Tacoma Striezelmarkt

Tacoma Striezelmarkt 2017

Experience tradition anew at the 1st Annual Tacoma Striezelmarkt!

The twinkling lights, the scent of mulled gluwhein (spiced German style wine) and Christmas music spreading through the air.

The 1st Annual Tacoma Striezelmarkt has opened its doors for the first of many years to come.

Experience the bustling marketplace and traditional treats of the holiday season in the heart of Tacoma’s Stadium District.

The Tacoma Striezelmarkt will open November 25th with both indoor & outdoor booths from 12 to 5 pm.

Where: 417 North E Street, Tacoma 98403
When: November 25th from 12pm – 5pm
Why: Support small business Saturday and get all of your Christmas shopping done!
Who: Get your invitation to the event by joining the Facebook Group page Tacoma Flea Market

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Art Lovers Delight at the Artist & Craftsman Tacoma Store

Artist & Craftsman Spray Paint

Artist & Craftsman St Helens Debut

Artist & Craftsman Store Front

Artist & Craftsman Store Front

A great addition to the down town area, Artist & Craftsman Supply in Downtown Tacoma is now open! Art lovers won’t have to make that commute to Seattle any longer to get the pro-artist supplies they need. Located on St Helens Ave, Artist & Craftsman Supply is open from 9am to 7pm Monday through Saturday and 10am to 6pm Sunday. These experts have everything painters, sculptors and crafters need.


A Space to Create Art

Artist & Craftsman Paper Selection

Artist & Craftsman Paper Selection

Opening their doors November 2016, Artist & Craftsman arrived with a reputation in the art community for quality professional art supplies. Their Seattle Location is known for it’s astounding inventory and size. However the Tacoma location has a more Historic feel. A flood of abstract rainbow colors fill the room along with decorative light features. The Artist & Craftsman team has done an amazing job of restoring the Wagner Motors Building without losing the integrity of its classic 1920’s design.


Although every artist has a speciality and Michael Rives, the Manager of Artist & Craftsman is there to help artist cultivate theirs. I spoke with Kat one of the friendly staff members as she was adjusting upcoming events on the store cork board. She explained that Artist & Craftsman is a place for artist to dive into their passions. Moreover Kat was adamant that if there was a specific tool or item an artist wanted and Artist & Craftsman didn’t carry it in store, they would be able to order it for their customers or help them find it. The friendly staff isn’t the only draw to this stellar art store. Artist & Craftsman also host events, and are beginning to organize classes for the 2017 year.


2 Must See Demos

Artist & Craftsman Spray Paint

Artist & Craftsman Spray Paint

You don’t need an excuse to visit Artist & Craftsman but this month there are two Free Demos hosted in store that are a must see. Mark your calendar for Saturday February 4th 1pm to 4pm for the Yupo Paper Demo. Yupo Paper is a type of polyurethane synthetic paper. This paper is actually 100% recyclable. Another feature is that Artist can manipulate their work with water. This awesome paper is amazing for creating watercolor type images, soft textures, and depth. 

The second event this month is on Sunday February 12th at 1pm. Artist & Craftsman will be hosting Marabu and demonstrating new products. Celia Buchanan will be leading the demonstration. 

There are many more events to come which are listed on the Artist & Craftsman Facebook page and website. Tacoma residents are fortunate to live in a city full of art. Let February be a month to begin creating, painting, crafting and framing. Let’s express ourselves and get inspired at Artist & Craftsman!